MSD Client Care Plans are designed to allow us to better service our past, present and future clients. We have been beta testing these plans for almost a year now to ensure that we will be able to have a successful launch and immediately start servicing our clients appropriately. These plans are designed to give our clients peace of mind, allow us to be more proactive and less reactive and provide our clients with service that exceeds their expectations. Our Client Care Plans are available to both existing Millennium Systems Design clients and clients who have systems designed and installed by other companies who are looking for a reliable, qualified, team to maintain the health of their home automation system. If you are not a current MSD client we require a site survey to evaluate the health of your system and help to determine which plan would best suit each clients individual needs.


per month, billed monthly

Limited Remote Monitoring

Priority Scheduling
2-3 Business Days

Annual Cleaning & Inspection

Monthly System Health Report with the purchase of a monitoring device ($649)

Standard Service Rate $145/hr


per month, billed monthly

Remote Monitoring

Priority Scheduling
1-2 Business Days

Annual Cleaning & Inspection

Monthly System Health Report with the purchase of a monitoring device ($649)

Unlimited Remote Reboots

2 Hours of On Site Service*

Service Provider Authorization

Discounted Service Rate $125/hr


per month, billed monthly

Remote Monitoring

Priority Scheduling
Same Day

Biannual Cleaning & Inspection

Monthly System Health Report
Included Monitoring Device
($649 Value)

Unlimited Remote Reboots

6 Hours of On Site Service

Service Provider Authorization

Party Attendant Discounted Rate (Excludes Holidays)

5% Equipment Discount*

Pre-Arrival / Pre-Event
Site Check (2 / year)

Theater / Media Room
Calibration (1 / year)

Discounted Service Rate $105/hr

If you are not interested in our membership plans please enroll in our limited support option.

Remote Monitoring- Defined as remotely monitoring and evaluating the network and communication status of supported network enabled devices. Most any device that connects to the network via wired or wireless communication can be monitored using our services. If a device stops communicating an automated alert is sent to the MSD staff and we will log-in to evaluate further with Proactive and above monitoring packages. With the Concierge package we can monitor and report on usage of client owned devices such as iPads, computers, and mobile phones.

Priority/Same Day Scheduling- You will have priority scheduling over non member clients. We guarantee that we will be able to service your system the same day of receiving your call. Same day scheduling phone calls must be placed before 3 PM EST.

Annual/Biannual Cleaning & Inspection- Once (or Twice for Concierge) a year we will come out, completely free of charge, and clean and inspect your system. This service will be completed within a two hour window of service per visit and will be only a cleaning and inspection, led by our technician.

Monthly System Health Report- We will provide a monthly system health report that details the overall health of your network and ensures proper internet speeds are being maintained, devices are not going off line, and that no equipment has stopped communicating.

Unlimited Remote Reboots- We will provide unlimited remote reboots for your system during normal business hours. We will perform these if initiated by the clients request or if a device goes offline for an extended period of time.

Included on Site Service- With your one year contract you will receive 4 (or 6) on site, standard service hours to use at your discretion during normal business hours. Concierge only: If you are not redeeming your included service hours you will receive the discounted Concierge member service rate.

Service Provider Authorization- We will work with the client and the service provider (Spectrum, Comcast, DirecTV, etc.) to have MSD be an authorized representative on the client’s account. Every service provider has different rules and restrictions for this service, but in general this allows us to communicate, make decisions and meet with your cable/internet provider on your behalf. You would no longer have to call to set up appointments to service cable/satellite boxes, add services, etc.

Party Attendant Discounted Rate (Excludes Holidays)- As a concierge member you receive a discounted rate for our party attendant service. As party attendants we arrive before your party or event to ensure all equipment is up and running and we happily stay during the event to run the system and answer questions or help guests for you.

5% Equipment Discount- You will receive 5% off of any equipment purchased while you are a concierge member. Equipment discount excludes consumer, DIY, and retail equipment. Examples include Televisions, disc players, Apple TV’s, iPads, Nest, etc.

Pre-Arrival / Pre-Event Site Check- This membership plan includes 2 site checks per year. This check is capped at 1 hour and will be technician led.

Theater / Media Room Calibration- This membership plan includes 1 calibration of a room of your choice per year. This calibration is capped at 1 hour and will be technician led.

Concierge Plan: Standard Labor $105/hour, Weekend and After Hours $175/hour, Holiday $250/hour
Proactive Plan: Standard Labor $125/hour, Weekend and After Hours $175/hour, Holiday $250/hour
No Discounts on Essentials+ Plan: Standard Labor $145/hour, Weekend and After Hours $275/hour, Holiday $399/hour, Programming $165/hour