Insurance Consulting


Florida is the lightning capital of the United States, and Central Florida is the most active part of the state. For nearly a decade we have been working with homeowners, insurance companies, independent appraisers, and consultants across the South East. Our extensive knowledge in home automation and integration systems has proved to be extremely valuable in cases of loss. Most clients don't fully understand what they have installed and most insurance companies are not capable of properly evaluating these systems for their clients. We strive to bridge the gap and work as a transparent, unbiased middle man to make loss claims easier for both sides.

Whether we are hired by the insurance company or consultant to do a "sanity check" on the claim, or hired by the client to ensure that the insurance company returns the system to a "before event" state we work as impartial mediators. We understand the hurdles that both clients and insurance companies have to overcome and we are experts at navigating that to simplify the process.  We can provide documentation, discovery, and modernization recommendations to insurance claims large or small. Please contact us if you are making a claim that you are uncomfortable with or if you are in the insurance industry and need help with a loss.