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Remote Monitoring- remotely monitoring and evaluating the network and communication status of supported network enabled devices. Most any device that connects to the network via wired or wireless communication can be monitored using our services. If a device stops communicating an automated alert is sent to the MSD staff and we will log-in to evaluate further.

Priority Scheduling- You will have priority scheduling over Limited and Essentials + clients. We will typically be able to service your system within 1-2 days of receiving your call.

Annual Cleaning & Inspection- Once a year we will come out, completely free of charge, and clean and inspect your system. This will be capped at 1 hour of service per visit and will be only a cleaning and inspection, led by our technician.

Monthly System Health Report- We will provide a monthly system health report that assesses the overall health and ensures proper internet speeds are being maintained, devices are not going off line and that no equipment has failed.

Unlimited Remote Reboots- We will provide unlimited remote reboots for your system during normal business hours.

2 Hours of on site service- With your one year contract you will receive 2 on site, standard service hours to use at your discretion. If you are not redeeming your included service hours you will receive the discounted concierge member service rate.

Service Provider Authorization- This allows us to communicate, make decisions and meet with your cable/internet provider on your behalf.

Discounted Service Rate- Our Proactive members receive a discounted service rate of $125/hr.

*Please see terms and conditions for full descriptions on plan details