Spring is here, revamp your outdoor space!

It's the first day of Spring and it's the time of year when everyone starts to focus on getting their outdoor areas ready for the warmer months. We are fortunate to live in a climate where we can enjoy outdoor entertainment almost all year. Revamping or installing an outdoor entertainment area not only adds value to your home, but also gives you more living space in your home. There are many ways to enhance your space and projects can range from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Outdoor speakers are the most common way to include technology in your outdoor space. New and exciting options allow us to provide even coverage of music that flows effortlessly no matter the size of the space. While performance is always important, we know that our first step is working to preserve design. With this in mind, our outdoor audio systems are completely concealed in your landscaping. We accomplish this by using multiple small speakers for the highs and an in-ground speaker for bass. Outdoor speakers come in many different price points, sizes, colors and some even look like rocks to blend seamlessly into your landscaping.

outdoor av.jpg

Installing an outdoor TV can add many options for entertaining. Watching a movie from the comfort of your patio or pool float or catching a sporting event while having a drink on the porch, adding an outdoor TV adds value to your home and to your lifestyle. Today, outdoor TVs combine incredibly elegant designs with the most advanced technology, weatherproofing, unmatched reliability, and the sharpest, brightest picture in any lighting.  Whether the ideal location for your outdoor TV is in direct sun or shade, we have versions that are optimized for direct sunlight and others for shaded environments. If you are looking for that 'wow-factor' we also have a full outdoor theater screen to create a complete outdoor theater experience. 

Outdoor lighting, automation, security and surge protection are all also important to create the ultimate outdoor entertainment area. Contact us today for a consultation to determine how we can get your outdoor space ready for the warmer months!